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Custom Long Arm Machine Quilting


Custom Machine Quilting


To My Valued Customers,                                                                                                                                                                        Printable Document Available Here


Do you have a stack of unfinished quilt tops just waiting to have the finishing touches put on them to make them beautiful, usable quilts? Have you thought about having them machine quilted and turned into masterpieces? I am ready to help you get your quilts finished so you can use and enjoy them!


I am happy and qualified to help you with suggestions and guidance in choosing the quilting designs and thread colors for your quilt, but in the end, the choices you make are yours. It is my job to execute those choices to the best of my professional ability; however, I am a quilter, not a mind reader, so if you leave the choices up to me, please understand that you have made that choice. My responsibility begins and ends with the quality of my workmanship. Once work has begun on your quilt, any changes made by you, the customer, will be at your expense. You will be charged $20/hr. for time spent on any unfinished project due to your change of mind or request to halt work for any reason other than unsatisfactory stitching.


Here are a few tips so that your quilt is ready for quilting:

  •   Your backing fabric must be 4-5 inches bigger on all sides than your quilt top. (This is for pinning and clamping it to the machine.)
  •   Your backing fabric should be free of any borders or pieced blocks.
  •   All seams in the quilt top should be properly ironed and excess threads clipped.
  •   The quilt top and backing fabric should be squared, neatly pressed, folded, and brought on a hanger.
  •   Please do not serge the outer edges of the quilt because it causes stretching.

If you follow these tips, it will help to make sure that your quilt is ready to load on my machine. If you are unable to deliver your quilt as noted above, I will be glad to get the quilt ready for loading at a rate of $10 per thirty (30) minutes.


To find the approximate cost of quilting, multiply the width times the length of your quilt top in inches. Then multiply the total square inches by one of the following:

          $0.022 for “Edge to Edge quilting” (overall design)

          $0.030 for “Custom quilting” (two different designs)

          $0.040 for “Heirloom quilting” (three or more designs)

          $40 minimum for small quilts

          $40 set up fee for computerized quilting

 30% of the cost of quilting added to the total if the quilt has to be expedited or done in 2 weeks or less.

You now have an approximate cost of quilting. Thread and polyester batting are included in the quilting price. Sunflower Creations offers a wide variety of other choices of batting for you to choose from at a small extra charge. These prices are effective as of February 1, 2018.


I am using a BERNINA longarm quilting machine with Q-Matic software. This enables me to do a wide variety of computerized designs with almost unlimited possibilities to enhance your quilts and make them into works of art. I also offer patterns that are drawn on lengths of paper (called pantographs). These require that the machine be hand guided by the operator, so naturally there are small variations both in the drawing and the execution of the pattern. This enhances the “handmade” look that we all cherish on our “handmade” quilts.


I also offer the services of binding the quilt edges and hand stitching hanging sleeves on the back for your quilt if you desire. Contact me regarding options and pricing.


When your quilt is finished, I will give you a phone call to tell you so. I kindly ask that it be picked up within 7-10 days, unless prior arrangements have been made. Payment is expected at the time of pickup.


I value my professional reputation very highly and guarantee to treat your project as though it were my own, and that it will go on public tour with my name on it.


I value my reputation as a professional machine quilter and guarantee the quality of the quilting I do for you, my valued customer. If you are not happy with the quilting on your quilt, please let me know within 72 hours. I will try every means possible to make it right for you. If that is not possible a refund may be indicated. Please know that Sunflower Creations will issue an in-house credit for the cost of quilting only. Batting, backing, and binding are separate charges and are NOT included in the credit. The credit is good for three (3) months from the issue date.


If you loan your quilt project for public display or enter it in a show, please give the courtesy of crediting

Clara Schmidt as the machine quilter.


It is my pleasure to serve you.

Thank you for the opportunity.



Clara Schmidt



(620) 668-5584

  (620) 668-5584

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